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Unless you live around here or have relatives nearby I can't imagine why you would be on the southwest side of Chicago this month, but if you are, the BAC will have an exhibit of about 50 my photos. Jan. 11 - Feb 8.


There's a reception Jan 28, 7 - 9 PM, where you can meet me in person. I will be wearing a bathrobe and briefs and that's about it.

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He used to work for two very funny guys.. (Jay Leno and Johnny Carson)

You know when Jay or Johnny would hold up say a weird newspaper or box of Wheaties? Billy would put that stuff together for them ..create the graphics, create the box, the prop or whatever..a bunch of cutting tools, photographic gear and printers and computers.. Billy was always doing sketches cartoons of folks in High School..

I visited the place... Got to attend a show, meet Jay (great very normal guy from Andover, MA who joked about the town I come from, Walpole, because 'that's where the big-house is.. " ) and went onstage to check out the band's set-up and meet the guitar player..(Kevin Eubanks). Hell of a band.. Best sound in a concert setting that I've ever heard anywhere..

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