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Turtle Shell Thing,

Did you break your back? I has to wear an upper body thingy last summer. One of the local inspectors was referring to me as "Mike in his Ninja Turtle suit". Not funny at all.

Can't say I looked that bad without my shirt on though. I looked worse!



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T-6 fracture back on 12-4. You made comment on a post back then. I can't crawl or hunch in an attic. It's even difficult to look at the bottom of a garbage disposal, so I am unplugged from most everything for another 6 weeks when I may end up getting rid of it. As my son pointed out in that picture here, "I can still touch my balls".

I've been told many times how lucky I am.

I'm still waiting to see how it turns out to be a blessing.

Here's how I used to look. I guess I'll need to join a gym or something once I hatch.

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