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Oregon Citizen Seeks Help with Gas Fireplace

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Hi All,

Occasionally people write to TIJ directly asking for assistance with home inspection issues. This is an inquiry we'd received from an Oregon lady. Perhaps one of you Oregon-based inspectors would care to contact her via email and help her out.



From: suzgourd@yahoo.com

Hello - We live on the central Oregon coast and purchased a Heat n Glow Tiarra II about six years ago. The air intake pipe has a terminator on it, which has started to rust. The inside of the stove has also rusted, causing cracks in the burner and split/broken logs. In addition, the ignition no longer works. A service technician (who works for the business that sold us the unit) told us the unit looks much older than it is.

We learned today from the business that they can find all of the necessary parts to repair the unit, except for the logs. We were told we could continue to use the broken logs and the only problem would be soot build-up. The estimated cost for the repairs is over $1,000.

This does not make sense to us. Is there an inspector we could have look at the gas stove who is not partial?

Any help or guidance you can provide will be truly appreciated.

Thank you.

Suzan Sachdeva

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