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White mold like stuff on roof decking

Chris Bernhardt

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Hey Chris,

We use couple hundred gallons of Concrobium every year. I like it better than BoroCare. Cost more, easy to fog or mist or wet spary. Non-toxic, but stinks to high heaven when fogged.

Seems this may be a good application of the product.

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Don't know if you can cold fog BoraCare. A 5 gallon pump sprayer with a deft touch should do it though (it'll be a bitch to keep agitated).

Isn't concrobium that white stuff that looks like Kilz? If it's clear when applied, I'd say go for it; but I wouldn't use it if it looks like everything is coated with Kilz when done 'cuz it screams "toxic mold" in the minds of lots of home buyers and inspector folk who don't know any better.

OT - OF!!!


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goes on clear and dries clear. it does leave a fine powder residue on the fogger after running a couple of gallons through it.

We have found most "mold control" products are pigmented. Close and careful reading of specs show most to be a covering or barrier.

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Is there really a need to spray anything on there once moisture issues are addressed?

That's a good question. When it's winter time, I can measure the moisture content of the decking and come to a determination as to whether I think there is an ongoing issue, but if it's summer, I have no idea if there's an on going issue.

Also, it depends on the weather that day. On a cool cloudy day in the spring, the decking moisture content could read high, but if it's a sunny day and the decking is heated up, the moisture content will read lower, sometimes much lower, but the humidity in the attic will be high.

Chris, Oregon

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