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Defective Cutler Hammer Panel

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I ran across this panel at todays inspection. These two spaces were the HVAC unit breakers. The panel is still in use and the HVAC wires were ran to new breakers in the same panel.

After some internet research I?ve seen a few reports of other damaged Cutler Hammer panels with aluminum buses and plastic brackets but no recalls. Some cases the homeowner claims that Cutler Hammer replaced their panels. Does anyone know about a recalled Cutler Hammer panel?



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That was my first impression too especially since the panel is still in use. I figured some good ole Google research would be in order just in case there?s a recall I was unaware of. Come to find out there is a thread on ?another? forum stating similar melted breaker and that Cutler Hammer is aware of some defects in panel like this one.

I?m going to give Cutler Hammer a call tomorrow and go from there.



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