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Emergency Egress for a mobile home

John Kogel

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I think I like the way this older guy solved the problem of a 1970 mobile home with louver-style windows. If there's a fire, you bust your way out thru the back of the closet.

Some of his wiring is a bit Mickey Mouse, though. The radio didn't work.


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I like that radio you can reach while lying in the tub...

Yes, the homemade extension under the sink was a shocking discovery. That could sends a tingle down your spine, alright.

(For a real dramatic suicide though, he should have used a tube radio. Check out the voltage on my 1949 Marconi FM radio. That's enough juice to tie your colon in a knot.)

Kids, don't play around with electricity, especially in a bathroom where your skin could be wet. That little transistor radio could have killed somebody.

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