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Wood shop in a home under construction

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I have been doing the draw inspections on this home for almost two years and they have about another 6-8 months to go. It is right at 22,000 sf and I'm amazed every time I visit this house.

I thought I would share their wood fabrication shop that they have setup in one of the the rooms of the house. Right now they are fabricating Redwood and Spanish Cedar wine racks for the 5,000 bottle wine cellar! Note the vacuum lines for the sawdust, it is all going into a larger hopper out near a dumpster.

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Some people just have way too much money!

These people have too much money and too much wine!

5,000 bottles is a bottle a day for 13 1/2 years, if they were to stay at home every night and drink wine. They need help. [:)]

It is also a tasting room with a full kitchen and his and her's half-bathrooms! It takes up almost the entire basement. I think it is around 1,800 sf!

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