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Weird problem, please help


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We are purchasing an existing home in Nevada. At the inspection we found that the showers only got mildly luke warm, all of the other fixtures in the home were hot. The owner replaced the mixing valves in the single handle fixtures. Still no hot water??

The home has plastic piping, no basement. All lines are visible in the attic.

I do not know if there is a manifold in the home? Could there be a crimped plastic pipe on the hot water side?

Totally baffled.



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Hot water restricter inside the valve needs to be set.


If you take the handle off of the shower valve, you'll see a limiter ring that you can take on & off and set at different detent positions. It physically limits the valve handle from moving too far toward the hot side. Just pop those off and reset them at a position that yields comfortably hot, but not too hot, water.

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