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No vents


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So as I walked up to this house I noticed no vents around the exterior of this front decking. And the deck boards were packed tightly together.

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The exterior wall had vents, but this deck addition was enclosing the space in front of them.

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Pretty much the entire front edge of the decking was like this.

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That white fungus is going to destroy the ledger board, even after they cut some vent holes. At least it's a short drop to the ground from there.

I had something like that last fall, but the OSB sheathing on the walls came down below the deck. I got my camera in there and it was not a pretty sight. Believe it or not, swarming termites had found it too and crawled down between the deck planks and the siding. I showed my client the little piles of wings along the wall. I don't expect I'll see that realtor again. Too much detail. [:)]

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