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Confused - need help figuring out date


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Click here. This chart talks about water heaters built prior to 2003 but that serial number sequence doesn't fit what you have. I think you have a much older version that lists the week first and the year second instead of those shown on the GSW site that list the year first and the week second.

My guess is the J is the warranty code used in 1988 and that your water heater was made the 32nd week of 1988.



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I agree with Mike, that's a very old GSW water heater.

General Steel Wares is an ancient Ontario company. I think they started out making frying pans and tin stoves for trappers and gold miners. Today, they make a lot of water heaters under the GSW and John Wood labels.

The McClary brand name has been dead for way over 20 yrs, AFAIK.

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I came across a 25 year old AquaGlas last week that looked like it was brand spanking new. The water temp at the nearest fixture was 105 F. Not exactly a star performer.

Your unit is older than Kristen Stewart and younger than Lindsay Lohan. It'll either have a terminal pout (like the AquaGlas) or be tempermental and self destructive. Either way it's long past time for a change.

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