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Receptacle requirement in powder room


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Does a powder room (sink & toilet only) require a receptacle within 3' of basin like a typical bathroom? 15 year old house with 4 powder rooms has no receptacles in any of them. I called it out and owner / builder disagrees.

I would say that it comes down to the definition of "bathroom". From the 2009 IRC, section 3501 Electrical Definitions:

BATHROOM. An area, including a basin, with one or more of the following: a toilet, a tub or a shower.

So I'd say you're right.

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Steve is correct in his definition of Bathroom, but the 2009 IRC wasn't applicable 15 years ago. It hadn't been written yet.

What was the code then?

I wouldn't call out stuff like that. If it had an outlet that wasn't GFCI, I'd point that out; but no outlet at all?

Which makes me wonder what possible use you would have for an outlet in a tiny room meant only to relieve yourself and wash your hands. I'd be more concerned that it had an exhaust fan.

Would you shave, blow-dry your hair, trim your mustache, run your curling iron, or just charge your phone?

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I have always called out the lack of an electrical in a half bath.

People expect there to be one for things like: air fresheners, night lights, hair dryers etc..

I think most clients would be disappointed to move into their new home and discover that there was no outlet.

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