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gas vent from gas fireplace into shed


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You are looking at a gas fireplace vent that has been extended because the owner wanted to build a shed. He took off the original vent hood and put above the door.

My question is the length ok? its about 10 feet?

can you join 2 pieces together?

Is the vent to the shed too close? what about for fresh air intake?

for potential pre-list inspection.

Thanks for your input. ;)

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As far as the fireplace's function, I don't see that being a problem as long as they used all the proper coaxial fittings and duct. These are often piped 30+ feet (10 meters, eh) up an existing chimney so 10' should be OK. That is subject to the fireplace's manufacturer's specs of course.

I'm less happy about having the flex on a wall in a storage shed where it is too easily subject to damage. I honestly don't know the rules on that, but it seems the elegant solution would have been more rigid smooth-walled pipe from the original outlet straight up and to a termination at the shed roof.

Having the termination next to the vent for the shed probably isn't going to kill anyone, unless they happen to be a narcoleptic gardener, but it ain't smart. I would either seal it up and install some roof vents or, as above, move the termination.

As a pre-list I think I would tell the seller that this is an unusual configuration that doesn't smell right to you and probably won't to the buyer's inspector. They might think about having a licensed installer modify it to something that doesn't look so DIY.

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