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UltraFire 300Lm CREE C8 Q5 5 Mode LED Flashlight


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Good deal,don't miss it!

UltraFire 300Lm CREE C8 Q5 5 Mode LED Flashlight Torch??Light White/Blue/Warm white) @ $9.00 +free shipping

List price:$35.00

Now you can get at $9.00 plus free shipping to your door.

Model: C8

Emitter Brand CREE Q5

Bulb Cup :aluminum reflector

Light Color: White/Blue/Warm white

Body Color:Black,Silver

LED: 1

300 Lumen Output on max

Battery Used: 1 x 18650 battery (not included)

Body Materials: Aluminum alloy Water-resistant


Lamp Cap Input: 3.7~4.25V

5-Modes: Hi > Mid > Lo > Strobe > SOS

Comes with strap

Suitable for home maintenance, night fishing, camping etc.

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What's that you say Brandon?

Ultrafire flashlights are crap!

You mean Ultrafire flashlights are not built well and don't last?

You mean Ultrafire flashlights are the worst investment anyone could make?

Is it possible that using an Ultrafire flashlight would be little better than using a candle?

What do you say Mr. Link dropper, gginobi? Shall we continue to heap on our opinion of the Ultrafire flashlights so that the search engines pick up those comments?

How about some more opinions from the brethren. Make sure though that you mention Ultrafire flashlights by name when you want to tell folks how poor they are; otherwise a search won't pick up the comments.



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