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Apollo HydroHeat - replacing water heater

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I bought my house about 8 years ago. It came with an Apollo system. This system does not have an Apollo water heater, just the air handling unit. The water heater is a Maytag 40 gallon, 40,000 btu. My heating area is approximately 800 sq. ft. It has served me fine since I've been in my house. Occasionally, my soon-to-be wife says her showers are cold in the mornings, during the winter. I have never noticed a cold shower.

Today, I noticed that the old Maytag is leaking, and needs to be replaced. I found a very similar 40 gallon, 40,000 btu and bought it. Tomorrow, I will be replacing it.

Are there any things I need to know before installing the new water heater? Will there be any issues with air pockets, like radiators on vehicles? If so, how might I deal with that?

Could I get away with a 35,000 or 35,500 btu heater? They are like $150 cheaper.

I sincerely appreciate any help on this, I'm kind of in a bind here.

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Thanks for the tip, Jim. Another concern I have is, the house came with only one water heater. It is used for everything. I don't have any issues with lack of hot water. I'm wondering about possible health concerns. A friend of mine is an HVAC guy, he said that I should have a separate water heater for the water that is used for consumption. Is this true? I've been here for quite a few years now, consuming the water. I have not noticed any adverse health effects.

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Is that system not a closed loop system with a separate loop immersed in the water of the water heater? Look at the tank. Is there two nipples at the top for a hot and cold pipes and two nipples on the side of the tank feeding the Apollo heat exchanger? If so, there aren't any health concerns because you are not bathing in water that is circulating through the heating system.



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