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Rust/corrosion angle stops, escutch und bath sinks


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Hey Guys here is a puzzle for me. Maybe you can shed some light on it. Home located in Temecula, just above San Diego County line. A dessert like climate, mostly dry year around. House is 5 years old. Only bathrooms have corrosion. None in the kitchen. Even bathrooms with no shower have rust problem. House is on well water. Water is stored in tanks. Notice SS clamp rusted...must not be stainless or it is stainless with a lot of iron in it. Could be the clamp is chrome plated, but I don't remember ever seeing them plated. Note the

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15.52?KBare all rusted. I realize that the chrome plating on escutcheons are all very thin chrome and this is not to unusual but these are really rusted. Note the copper tubing for the faucet that goes through the cabinet is green. Again I have seen copper turn green over time.

I am thinking that perhaps the cabinets have formaldehyde that might cause this corrosion/rust. Angel stops can show corrosion after a while, but this is more serious, I think. Remember it is not in the kitchen. Perhaps better grade cabinets without formaldehyde.

The hinges may be really cheap look-a-likes for the European hinges that are in cabinets these days.

I recommended that they have his water tested for acidity. Also the home may be so weather tight that it does not get enough fresh air circulating.

Any clue as to what is causing this rust and corrosion in Southern California?

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