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EIFS SYstem on an Old House


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I recently did an inspection on a 1924 house that had EIFS installed on it approximately 10 years ago. There are wood widow sills left in place, cracking in the finish coat every 4 feet (the size of the Panels) and I can see the fasteners radiating out through the finish coat. I recommended further evaluation by an EIFS inspector but was wondering what any of you think of what I am seeing. Looks to me like failure around the house.[:-monkeyd

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I'd write it up each deficiency in the exterior finish, explaining why each was a problem and what could happen but without any actual damage to back me up, I don't feel justified in recommending it all come off.

If XPS was exposed in a few places, that alone would be enough. As bad as it looks in the pictures, it shouldn't be hard to find something somewhere to use.


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