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"gotta get back in time"

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And they were passing you!

Is that a mid 60's IH Travelall?

Are you in farming country or what? [:)]

Actually I tried to get a pic from the other side and it wasn't working so I fell back and pulled along the other side[;)]

I don't know classics all that well, I just thought it was cool all restored and heck yea it's farm country! Have you ever seen pictures of Indiana??

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Here's a photo I took at the Whatcom County Studebaker Classic Car Show on September 11th. The trailer is restored inside and looks exactly like it just rolled off the assembly line.

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This is a Curtis Wright trailer. The guy who started Airstream had a tiff with his partners and went independent for a while and built these. Convoluted story, I was dozing off halfway through the guy's explanation of it but was able to remember the name because it was Curtis Wright that took over Studebaker-Packard in the late 50's and decided to shut down Packard after they'd carved off all of the military contracts from S-P for themselves. That's an even longer and more boring story that only Packard folks and Stude folks can listen to without dozing off.

More photos at this link for anyone that likes to see photos of old cars.



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Thanks, Mike. I see some unusual classics in those lineups.

That International Travelall was built to haul a camper trailer, preferably an Airstream. I googled it and found sales ads of them doing that very thing.

Farmers loved the Internationals. You could fix it with a screwdriver and a crescent wrench, eh? The '52 IH pickup I had for a while had more grease nipples than the teats on a herd of cows. You could empty a grease gun under there, even the spring shackles took grease. The clutch pedal linkage took grease.

It had the 220 CI "Silver Diamond" six cylinder and you could start it with a crank. 1952.

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