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high pressure

John Dirks Jr

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This townhome had a TRP valve on the water heater that was continuously passing water. I could hear it rushing down the extension pipe which drained into the floor drain over to the sump pit. To make matters worse the sump motor was bad and not evacuating the water. Pressure regulator was corroded and leaking too.

For any local MD inspectors, be aware of excessively high municipal water pressure in the Catonsville area of Baltimore County. This house tested at 135psi at the rear hose bib.

I suppose the excess water in the sump pit was bleeding back into the drain tile. I'm curious about drain tiles in townhome rows. Do they tie in to each other in any way? Can a water problem from one unit over flow into the drainage system of the other units? What kind of things have you found along these lines?

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Re: your drainage question. in this area at least, townhome are all joined at the hip and the drainage is continuous for the whole complex. So, yes, one unit will leak into the one next door, and hopefuly the water will make it to the stormdrain.

My pressure here is 90 lbs. I should install a regulator but I hate plumbing. And one of these days, I'm going to really hate plumbing. [:(]

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