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Braided PVC distribution

Tom Raymond

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Today's house had some really fun plumbing. 800SF ranch built over a crawl in 1950. At some point the copper distribution pipes froze in the crawl and some nincumpoop replumbed the place with food grade 1/4" braided PVC.

The manifold:

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The tubing:

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The support scheme:

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The flow was as crappy as you can imagine, and fortunately the water softener was sufficiently plugged to keep the pressure low enough to prevent any audible movement in the tubing.

This can't possibly be an approved distribution material, any help with a code cite would be apreciated.

The DWV, no vents at all, was just as much fun. The tub trap included PVC drain connectors, 2 ferncos, an ABS trap with Schedule 40 PVC arms, PB tubing, and galvanized nipples stubbed out of the cast iron main.

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Except for right at the manifolds the tubing was very loosely supported at 8-10 foot intervals. The well pump developed 30 PSI before the softener, but opening the taps at the kitchen and bath sinks and the tub dropped the manifold pressure to below 10 PSI. The pressure was better with the softener bypassed, but the flow was still anemic.

Even at those low pressures I would expect the tubing to flop around as the taps were opened, especially with >60% pressure fluctuations.

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