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Pool Bonding


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This may help or totally confuse you.

Download Attachment: icon_adobe.gif Pool bonding.pdf


Good article. Ground rods/bonding in pool areas are about equalizing the voltage potential between two different points on the earth, the house and the pool area. Electric currents flow in the earth because of its magnetic fields. Magnetic fields produces currents wherever they exist in the presence of conductors and currents produce voltages that can shock if they're high enough.

The concept is similar to voltage gradients in bodies of water. Voltage gradients in fresh water has been known to kill people many times.

And yes, it's 8'. At least in Louisiana.


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I'm in over my head here, but......

I thought ground rods were for directing huge surges to ground, like lightning strikes. The impedance/resistance of the earth is much too great for relatively weak residential current to flow through it back to the transformer.

Minor footnote...

How is it possible to kill people many times? I thought it was a one time event....it's over after the first time.

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