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Passing of the Actor who played Mongo

Stephen D. Gazo

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Last time I logged in to TIJ I used a nickname, Mongo. Well when I did that I was recently retired from military service and did not know any better than to use a nickname in a HI forum, where your name is your bond. I see that now, a few years later, graduated from HI college started my business and have been continuing my education, just rcvd my WETT site inspector in the spring.

I am known at IN as Stephen G. Since the passing of Mongo and the fact I can call my self a home inspector and stand to be counted I asked Mike to change my name to my real name.

I know that to stop learning you stop living. HI has given me a new career and respect to you more senior inspectors. I look forward to learning from you all.

Thank you.

Stephen D Gazo

Home Inspector

True North HI


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Thanks Kurt,

I think it's got to do with being a tradesman for so long...over thirty years doing something. Military Armour and Heavy Mechanical equipment and Airborne was the gig in the army....I love to learn anything technological that interests me...thankfully everything interests me...

A home has so many different trades all under one roof, lol...and you get to play detective...

Yes it's sad about Mr Karras, I remember him in the 500 Pound Jerk with Bill Bixbie....

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