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What hail damage looks like


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They will measure of a 10 x 10 (100 sq Ft) area (maybe more then one area) and count the number of strikes within that area. Every company will have a different standard, but if there is something like 6, 8, 10 strikes within that area then they will replace the roof or do whatever the policy states.

We had a very large hail storm in my area back in April. Thousands and thousands and thousands of roofs, gutters, vinyl siding, decks, window screens, etc all being replaced, some roofs are only a month or two old and they get replaced.

Roofing companies are combing the neighborhoods like locusts. I have written up a lot of roofs this year saying the sellers should file a claim with their insurance company. I have had a good number of jobs just inspecting a roof after the insurance company declined a claim. Sometimes every house on the street will be getting a new roof and then there is the one house where the insurance companies say no. I?m the independent guy that gives an unbiased opinion.

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