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Oven fires


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Curious fire. Two rules for gas ovens:

1. Clean the inside of oven - all that built up crud is combustible!

2. Don't store stuff in the oven - pictured oven has items inside.

Fire would have required source of ignition (pilot on older models) and gas valve failure open (at which point the thermocouple wouldn't matter).

Magic Chef (acquired by Whirlpool in 2006) no longer makes freestanding gas or electric ovens - wonder why?

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I steer very clear of any appliance made by them. Their control boards are junk and they don't seem to care.

The range boards have been known to put an oven in a cleaning mode and run for hours by themselves. Mine hasn't done that yet, but it has performed a number of other fancy tricks.

My K/aide dishwasher turned into an expensive dish rack after a year or so because the board was junk. Some of them are also known fire starters. I lost my trust in them a long time ago.

Do a little googling on this subject. You'll find plenty more to read about.

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Wait until you fire up a dishwasher and the heat cycle starts burning the mineral build up off the heating element.

Those two little old ladies had never EVER in 10 years allowed the drying cycle to work. They almost had a heart attach when the smoke started rolling out of the dishwasher. There was a LOT of mineral buildup.

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