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Detached heated garage - workshop


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Hi guys, long time reader and have searched but could find nothing on this.

I am about to put my home on the market and a friend of mine mentioned I might have a problem area to address.

The garage is a large 2.5 car unit with an addition off on one side.

The walls are thoroughly insulated with fiberglass, but the walls were covered with plywood rather than sheet rock.

He said that the fact that it is heated will require sheet rock on the walls.

I have had a 100k BTU gas furnace in there in a corner for years and no issues and liked the fact that the walls could take a beating without damage. Plus, it was easy to hang cabinets etc as the plywood is 1/2" thick.

What say you guys and gals - do I need to cover the plywood with sheet rock in order to meet any requirements? Other options?

The house is in Minneapolis if that matters

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