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Miller AC Age?

Mike Lamb

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The data plate on this unit has worn off so I cannot get the serial number. I would guess sometime in the 1990s. The house is 1984 with the original furnace. Could this compressor be as old as 1984?

A lot of the units were green in the early 80s.

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Yes. I wouldn't be surprised.

This one is from a recent inspection. Different brand but looks similar. Manufactured in 1981

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Guess how I checked it out. The exiting airflow at the top of the unit was directed at an angle of more than 45 degrees from vertical. It should be nearly vertical. Coil looked clean but in fact it's so badly clogged that a partial vacuum is below the fan and air above the fan is actually flowing downward, gets deflected by fan blades, leaves at that low angle. Very little air flowing through coils. Only happens on very old units.

I learned thru experience as a serviceman that it's a long-term accumulation and very difficult to get out. Can't clean it at all if there's two layers of coil. Dirt gets stuck in between. Most AC guys my area make a feeble attempt at cleaning, then when they're called back later, tell the client the need a new condenser or even worse, a new system. Happens all the time here.


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