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Is this correct, two different plastic waste lines


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The correct glue for transitioning PVC to ABS is Green. I believe the purple glue is incorrect.

Here is a link to the correct glue - http://www.homedepot.com/p/Oatey-4-oz-A ... TDOuDchWAk

Read about Mycroft's experiments with pipes and glue here:

https://www.inspectorsjournal.com/forum ... IC_ID=6428

Some jurisdiction will not allow the green glue, so then you use a Fernco connector.

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Thanks for the reply. The purple us actually a primer that is required to be slopped on prior to gluing. It is colored so the inspector knows it was performed. Marc is correct, there are black pvc fittings although I have never seen one. Looking at a closeup of the thickness of the pipe on the edge i feel that it might have been pvc, abs is generally thinner material. The joint was tight and no drip marks were on it where it might have been leaking so I think it is ok.

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Many areas do not use the IRC for plumbing. Maryland uses the NSPC 2009


e. ABS and PVC Plastic Pipe: Solvent cemented non-pressure joints between ABS and PVC DWV piping systems shall be made with an ASTM D3138 solvent cement intended for such transition joints. Transition cement shall not be permitted to be used within buildings. Transition joints shall be a minimum of 3 feet outside of buildings.

So it is wrong inside the building.

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Guess I got lucky. Posting on this forum sometimes makes me feel like I'm in a casino.


The difference is here, you may be out to lunch, but you won't be out of pocket. [:)]

Ramdino, I wouldn't say it is OK, if there is even the slightest doubt. You can't tell from the picture if that is PVC, and it looks like ABS to me.

I would say it is wrong, or it appears to be wrong. If you want to add that it is not leaking, do that too.

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