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Texas TREC "Enforcement" Actions ???

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Attached is a page from a list of some 'administrative actions' takes by the TREC Enforcement group in Austin.

This is not all inclusive and that there is more documentation that goes into each of these actions, but some of the verbiage is very troubling.

IE: An inspector gets admonished (Advisory Letter) for noting something as "Deficient" that was not part of the SOP.

The IAC (Inspector's Advisory Committee) asked TREC Enforcement for an explanation of such a finding and Enforcement and they could not answer.

If this is the trend for inspections in Texas it is a very sad day and troubling for all honest, hard-working inspectors. The $199 / Drive-Bys won't give a flip as their soft reports will allow the deal to close and the agents to make their 3 to 6 percent.

Go figure!!! [?]

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Maybe by 'noting as deficient something not part of the SOP' they actually meant to say 'in violation of the SOP' otherwise that seems solid evidence of realtor control over what should be the inspectors domain.

Perhaps they've given what's needed to convince the legislature of a fundamental flaw in the regulation of two related but distinct professions.


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