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Any Ideas what this is?


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It must be some sort of foundation repair. I found this on the opposite side of the house. Tried taking the cover off but the serews were too rusted and I did not want to break them off. The wall on the inside of the house above the first 2 pictures shows some unexplained bowing of the paneling. Don't know if it will show up in the pic. Any ideas on how to word this on my report.

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The paneling bowing appears to be from a moisture problem. I am really stressing my memory here but, in the mid 70,s I worked with a construction crew that built houses for a while in the New Orleans area, many stories from that time period. The concrete slabs had steel cables run through them and a machine pulled the cables tight so that even if the soil under the slab moved the slab would stay intact. My under standing was that the cables were tightened at certain interviles during the curing process of the concrete. I was told that the cable in some cases could be pulled through the concrete and used again, that my explain the washer on the one side but I dont know about the box on the other side.Hope this helps ???

Tom Barber in VA

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