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  1. This subject is nothing new. Back in the late 60's to early 70' medicine cabinets where standard in all homes in this area. When the builders made them optional and then quit installing them completly, there was a major stink. Which eventuaally gave way to being accepted as the norm. Tom Barber in VA
  2. Tom Barber

    Manual J

    Brian, Manual J is basicly a computer program that HVAC company's use to size the heating equipment propelry for your home, including the ductwork. Like any other program if you do not enter the proper information they are useless. I finished a basement for a friend last year and hired my local "Good" heating company to come out and run it for me. If I used him it was included in the price if not they where going to charge me $100, well worth the price. Tom Barber in VA
  3. Your last sentence in the first paragraph of your first post say's it all, "moisture deteriorated subfloor" needs to be replaced. It is a sorry repair and I do not care if the seller is upset, they are not your customer. Tom Barber in VA
  4. When I was taught framing the memers on top of the rafters are the purlins and the framing below in the picture is what appears to be an attempt at a stiff or strong back. Of course that was many many years ago. Tom Barber in VA
  5. That was obviously caused by the brute of a home inspector that came uninvited into the poor kitty cats home! Tom Barber in VA
  6. Here in my part of VA, we don't install sump pump's if the basement is a walkout, but almost always if the basement is an inground type. The difference being that the walkout will have daylighted foundation drains when it is built. The problem comes in when over the years, or when the home is final graded they fill in or cover up the ends of the pipes. When it is a daylighted foundation, I always try and locate the ends of the pipes for my customer, if I can't I inform them of the importanace of these pipes and that they need to be opened up and kept that way. I built my home and the only time I had any water in my basement was after one of the hurricanes hit my area and sure enough I had not done the very mainatnce that I inform my cutomers of. Tom Barber in VA
  7. I inspected one almost exactly like the one in your photo about a year ago that was 3 years old. I followed the path of water through the dining room corner, into the basement where the subfloor, bandboard and 2 joist where already rotted out. Lucky for me the only part of the basement that was not finished was a closet under the dining room. The builder was contacted and did the repairs but did not solve the real problem. My people walked. Tom Barber in VA
  8. I don't know if it will heat the basement, I don't think so, but that is not PEX that is Poly-butelyne. How old was the home? Tom Barber in VA
  9. PICKY, PICKY, PICKY. You probably ruined there hopes and dreams of home ownership. Tom Barber in VA
  10. I am the proud owner of a 1942 9N. Something I recently started doing was putting a lead additive in my gas when ever I put any in the tank, it really does help the old engines. They don't like unleaded gas. Tom Barber in VA
  11. Kurt. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Tom Barber in VA
  12. To fix something you have to be smarter than what you are working on. unknown Tom Barber in VA
  13. God knows I do not want to start another long drawn out argument about which association is best, but, Jim, well said. Tom Barber in VA
  14. Beat you Paul, my first car was a 1949 Plymouth station wagon. That my mechanic father gave me when I was 12. It would not run and dad would not help me fix it. I finaly figured out that the carb needed to be rebuilt and spent a great summer driving it around when my parents were not home. Until I decieded to drive through the local farmers corn field, WOW was dad pissed. That ended my driving till I was 16 and he sold me a 1955 Ford 2 door that had a punched out 272 engine and a 2 speed automatic transmission that could not be killed. Tom Barber in VA
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