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Repainting Rusted Metal Deck

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I inspected a 1 yr old metal deck that has advanced rust IMO. From what I have read, all rust should be removed before re-painting a metal deck/porch. That could be a tough or impossible task.

Is there a definitive, or at least a good source on painting rusting steel?

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Earl Scheib

Earl Scheib is no good, there are no wheels to paint.

Seriously, if you can pull it away from the house (just easier), sand blast then prime and paint.

If by advanced rust you mean perforations after you remove all the rust then it must be replaced. You can't paint rust!

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Mike's probably talking about these steel egress stair assemblies that have proliferated in Chicago. None of them were primed correctly in the factory, they slap them up, paint them with a single coat of exterior enamel, then they subject them to foot traffic. Every winter they freeze up and tenants dump mountains of salt on them.

The one's I've seen refinished cost about $7,000 for a crappy job that'll get you a couple years, and about $15,000 for something that might last a while if they don't put salt on it.

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Wire brush and (optionally) use The Works toilet bowl cleaner to help remove rust. Afterwards coat with Ospho https://www.google.com/#q=ospho&tbm=shop turns rust to black. Similar to POR-15, but cheaper. If you paint over it give it a few days to dry out first and do not get it on concrete as it will etch.. I learned the stupid way.

However, as others have stated it does depend on the depth of the rust.

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