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How does this happen?

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This is a brand new chimney liner installed for the gas water heater and furnace. I had to do a double take since it looks so new and shiny. The house is only 60 years old and never used oil for heating. Who knows if it actually needed a liner anyway.

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Incredibly stupid and a code violation not only for the up and over, not only the foil tape but how about your 6" clearance to that combustible ceiling? Does the liner extend into the room or is there galvanized steel pipe cemented into the wall? You don't want or need two holes in the wall when you have a listed liner. You pull the liner into the room then manifold it properly. No tape, no dopey up and over--1/4" per LF slope up to the liner. What size Wh and how far away? Total BTU input and liner diameter and height? What does the termination look like? Appliance connections?

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If there is anyone in the business of installing heating equipment or flue liners that is that stupid they should be shot. There is no excuse for that. I would have tried my best to find out who did that and call him up and have him explain that. If you talked to the owner of the business and he was not aware of that, he should be told. Stuff like that really makes me mad (if you could not tell already).

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