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Sump Discharge

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Good morning all,

I have a question for all of you. Let me start by giving a general idea of my project. On the back of my property there is a sump collection unit (basically a 4" drain tile). This is buried approximately 4' deep. My sump pump exits my house on the side and there is about 110' from there to the collection pipe. I would like to bury and connect my discharge to the collection unit but I worry that the line is will become exposed as I get closer to the house with a proper grade/slope to the discharge line. One thought J had for this would be to install a pump about halfway between and use a 'lift station' to be able to do the discharge in 2 stages. I do live in South Dakota so I do need to have a good slope to prevent freezing in the line. Any ideas or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.



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How far below grade would you be near the house? What slope are you planning for the pipe? Why is the drain tile that far from the house. If you have to install that much pipe can you install drain tile closer?

You may be able to install foam insulation board above the pipe at the area near the house.

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