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Sewage Ejector Pump

Neal Lewis

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I can't find anything specific in manufacturer instructions disallowing a drain to connect to a vent pipe of a sewage ejector pump vent pipe. The picture shows the adjacent laundry sink draining into the pump via the vent rather than underground inlet. Can you please point me in the right direction whether this is allowed.

Yes, the isolation valve is also missing. Thanks

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That would be considered a wet vent, Youd have to check in your area to see if it is allowed.

He is asking if the sewage ejector system is allowed to have a wet vent.

I believe the wording in the installation manual might say that a separate vent is required for the sump, so that implies it should not have other fixtures attached to it.

It is technically wrong because the vent is under stronger than normal suction when the pump is running.

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The sump vent will be blowing air out when the toilet or other fixture drains into it. Then when the pump starts, air is sucked down the vent into the pit.

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The rules for wet venting vary from code to code and, on top of that, individual jurisdictions seem to interpret them in different ways.

In my area, that setup would not be allowed. I suspect that in most areas where plumbing is governed by the IRC, it would be allowed.

Bottom line, though, in terms of actual performance, the only way that this setup is likely to be a problem is if a washing machine were to discharge into that laundry sink. Even then, it would probably work fine most of the time. If there's no washer, then it's going to work just fine.

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