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Hi Everyone

I'm new to the forums here and just learning the business too. I'm trying to find out if there is a format for a standard contract that I could use or do you make the contract for your clients from scratch.

Any help would be very appreciated.

Thanks All

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Contracts depend somewhat on the laws in your area, so they're differ depending on where you're at. Some inspectors hire attorneys to write one, others get their contract from local chapters of their home inspector association. I got mine from the state agency that regulates home inspectors in Louisiana.

You don't want a standard or off-the-shelf contract that doesn't work well with local laws.


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The basics of all home inspection contracts or inspection agreements are all pretty much the same. The difference come from the provencial(CA)or state(USA) laws in your area and honestly those are not drastically different. If you are a member of any of the larger inspector associations they offer sample agreements that you can take to a local attorney and have them modify them for your area. Last year, I had my contract reviewed for another state that I was starting to do work in and it cost me $300. I think ASHI has 6 samples, all were veted by their corporate legal council.

Most attorneys have no clue about or profession or what we do and don't do. By taking them a sample agreement this allows them to see on paper what needs to be covered and how it should be formatted. It also helps to keep the cost down because they are not crafting one from scratch.

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My contract is the result of both my attorney and I crafting the text. Don't hesitate to advise your attorney on what you may want in the agreement - don't let him/her do all the work - it may not end up being to your benefit, liking or understanding.

In my experience inspectors generally don't mind sharing their contracts with each other - it's a great wall to help cover the bases. Finally, keep it concise and simple to read and be sure that you're able to explain to you client what the various provisions mean and that it is an accurate road map of what's involved with your particular approach to inspecting.

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  • Parties to the Agreement
  • Agreement (Inspection report is for the sole use of the client named within this contract)
  • Subject Property (address, date of inspection and inspection fee)
  • Scope of Inspection (Use this paragraph to bring your Standards of Practice into the Contract; Not technically exhaustive;Written report replaces verbal report)
  • Limitations (Visual only; Use this space to write in any detached structures not included within the inspection)
  • Exclusions (I have 17 of them)
  • Notice Requirements (Client must inform inspector of any missed item within 10 days of receipt of report so Inspector can submit amended Report if necessary)
  • Arbitration (Client agrees to arbitration in event of dispute)
  • Attorney's Fees (Client pays inspector's attorney fees should litigation become necessary)
  • Severability ( If judge voids any portion of contract, remaining contract remains valid)

My contract is two pages long (in legal size format) and has 1,395 words, just to give you an idea.


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