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Horizontal venting requirements


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I'm installing a Sterling 75,000btu unit heater in my shop, what are CSA B149.1 requirements for clearances to windows. My vent will be approximately 12" away from the window going thru the wall than ending past the soffits. [:-hspin] Sterling says you can terminate 12" away for inputs exceeding 50,000btu's. My soffit is 16" wide plus 5" for eaves trough = 21" plus say 6" for distance past for good clearance than the end cap. Anyone see any issues with this., Thanks.

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A vent shall not terminate

(a) directly above a paved sidewalk or paved driveway that is located between two single-family dwellings and serves both dwellings;

(b) less than 7 ft (2.1 m) above a paved sidewalk or a paved driveway that is located on public property;

© within 6 ft (1.8 m) of a mechanical air-supply inlet to any building;

(d) above a meter and regulator assembly within 3 ft (900 mm) horizontally of the vertical centreline of the regulator vent outlet to a maximum vertical distance of 15 ft (4.5 m);

(e) within 3 ft (900 mm) of any gas pressure regulator vent outlet;

(f) less than 1 ft (300 mm) above grade level;

(g) within the following distances of a window or door that can be opened in any building, of any nonmechanical air-supply inlet to any building, or of the combustion air inlet of any other appliance:

(i) 6 in (150 mm) for inputs up to and including 10 000 Btuh (3 kW);

(ii) 12 in (300 mm) for inputs from 10 000 Btuh (3 kW) up to and including 100 000 Btuh (30 kW); and

(iii) 3 ft (900 mm) for inputs exceeding 100 000 Btuh (30 kW); and

(h) underneath a veranda, porch, or deck unless

(i) the veranda, porch, or deck is fully open on a minimum of two sides beneath the floor; and

(ii) the distance between the top of the vent termination and the underside of the veranda, porch, or deck is greater than 1 ft (300 mm).


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