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Heat-n Glo Townsend I Total flame out

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Stove will light and stay lit for about 4-5 minutes and then shuts down, pilot and all. I notice the burner flame buy the pilot will go underneath the thermal couple/pile/pilot unit. I am wondering if this is overheating itself and shutting down or is it something else? Burner looks fine.

Any ideas?

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I'm not going to check the spec's on this fireplace, but.....

If the flame changes from when first turned on, and pilot starts to pull away from the t-pile/t-couple, you likely have a secondary air issue.

Pull the glass face off and fire the fireplace. See if it burns properly...

The pilot may be partially plugged, and when the burner kicks on, it is affected more.

Without seeing it, there are too many possibilities. I don't suspect a bad valve or bad t-couple/ T-pile. If the safety stays lit and functions fine, and the thing operates properly for several minutes, something else is going on.

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