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A week or so ago my wife tells me that she and her mom want to change out the back door at her mom's house. Meaning I am. This door has been mounted with hinges on the exterior. The jam looks like I can just put in a new door on the interior side. Piece of cake. What the heck are those orange stains on the jam?

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Wait a minute. Is that jam metal? How am I going to cut a place for the hinge into it? Looks like I'll stick with the exterior hinges, but get the type where the pin can't be taken out. I bring the new door home with NPR hinges. WTF, how do I replace the hing when it's buried behind the metal jam?

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I'm going to have to use the same worn hinges. So I cut the upper hinge deeper into the door edge to help suck it up tighter to the jam. It all worked out.

What would you have done? I never was a professional carpenter, but give me enough time and beer I sometimes figure a way. Plus the new door was an inch shorter so I added some length. Oh, and thicker too.

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I would have spent twice as long and removed that old jamb, metal, schmetal.

But congrats on getting 'er done so quick.

If you need an excuse to visit you MIL again, drill a hole in each face of a hinge and drive a finishing nail in there so the head catches the other face when the door is closed.

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