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Google's Updated Guildlines Regarding Link Schemes

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Google has updated their link schemes guidelines to include:

Widely distributed links in the footers or templates of various sites

That means those site credit links in your footers and sidebars that say "site design by ****" etc. are included. Remove those links or add a nofollow tag to them is the recommendation.

This was also recently backed up by Google's engineer:

I definitely put a nofollow rule for those links.

Revisiting some old info on link schemes but relating to forum signatures and posts (mentioned as we still have a few doing it).

For example:

Thanks for the info!

- Paul

paul's home inspector, san diego inspector, best inspector san diego

So what is acceptable? Your naked link or your brands keywords on your link.

More info on link schemes:



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I'm such a complete dweeb....I don't know what any of this means or portends.

For your own website it would mean removing the link:

site by littlegreencube

or changing it to read:

site by littlegreencube

For your forum signature:





Don't use "Chicago Home Inspector" etc. as the anchor text for your website link.

Hope that helps explain a little better.


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