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Ledger mounted on 5/4 board

Ben H

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I don't see a ledger, as in a piece that provides bearing.

Looks to me like a band joist nailed to the 5/4, with hangers to bear joist ends.

Enlarged pict. Looks like the 5/4 is just a (scrap) filler at the end of the rim (at end of ledger) that was short at house. Just to add support for decking. Probably butted at corner to right (looked better) and made up the shortage on left.

Looks like a band 2x10 and the ledger looks like a 2x8 with hangers

Apparently they did not have the approved "Acme Wood Stretcher" that all good carpenters keep in their trucks. The one that you always sent the new novice helper to find. [:-dunce]

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