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Anyone have any experience with these folks?

I can't take calls myself because my phone is broke and the spouse does the best she can but has to take care of her own business needs first. Make me wonder how many of my calls are getting my voice mail.

Any idea what they charge?


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Might want to check into America's Call Center. If I remember right, it's $200 a month plus $20 for each booked inspection. For me, that's about $800 - $1,000 a month but it would take a big load off of me. With your situation, bet they'd fill your schedule full with a lot less hassle for you.

They ONLY serve Home Inspectors.

Giving it some thought myself as I'm not able to answer all the calls and sometimes not even get to the voice mails timely.

I know some guys who already use them and they are very happy. Talked with one of their reps. Very knowledgeable about the inspection industry and oh so smooth when doing demonstration calls overcoming objections about pricing.

But then, I wouldn't be able to hassle those telemarketers when I have time to! A a bright spot in my day for a couple of minutes once or twice a week.

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I agree with Erby- ACC is the way to go. I've been using them for years and have been very satisfied. They're not cheap. I pay about 50% more than Erby's figures, but it's well worth it. I'm a low volume inspector (6 is a full week) and could certainly do what they do myself, but I don't want to, and in fact couldn't do it as well. They do so much more than answer the phone. After booking the inspection, they arrange access with the listing office, and set things up with the companies I use for WDI inspections and septic. If there is a radon test, I tell them when I'm doing it, and they make arrangements for access. Other than sending the buyer an email with the contract and a few other things, all ll I need to do is look at my schedule, print the appointment sheet and show up.

Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif Appointment sheet.jpg


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I have to agree with the comments about ACC. I have been using their services for almost 2 year's. I avg between 40-50 inspection's per month. Between the ACC fee, and the ISN fee, I pay about $1500 a month. My agreement gets sent automatically when the inspection is booked. I literally don't have contact with the client, until the day of the inspection. It's cheaper than actually having an employee doing the same thing every day. I know I have picked up business simply because someone is answering the phone.

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