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Black lights and rodent activity

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That was easy. I'd been meaning to create a forum for pest-related issues anyway.

I don't use a blacklight. What's the point. If I were to use a blacklight, it would indicate urine regardless of when it occurred and even when all infestations had been eradicated. Since I'd rather face death than a live rodent (Irrational phobia, I know), I'd rather not have that visual.

It's more productive to look for droppings, fresh urine spots, trails, signs of nesting, nests, borrowing and the like. Once you've done enough of 'em, you gain a feel for whether it's a new or an old infestation and whether there are live rodents present (The tiny little urine puddles help too!).

Generally, I don't spend a lot of time on rodents. I spot the telltales, tell 'em that I'm not going to spend hours more tracking down every entry point to determine how they are getting in and whether they are active or not, and tell 'em to get an exterminator in to find and identify points of entry, block them and then eradicate any live rodents present.

Not to start thread drift, but I think it is wise to warn folks not to go into crawlspaces and attics unless they are wearing a respirator. I almost always (unless I forget) caution every client not to go into attics and crawlspaces here unless he/she is wearing a respirator with nothing less than a P100 filter. I've heard that WSDA estimates that 1 out of every 10 "rats" here is a deer mouse and 1 out of every 10 of those tested will carry the hanta virus, which can be spread to humans when they breath dust contaminated with their droppings.

Recently there was another fellow here that died here from hanta virus, after cleaning out a shed or garage, and I recently met a realtor whose son came so close to death when he caught it that they gave him last rights. She'd signed do not resuscitate papers because the doctors had said that if he didn't turn the corner he'd at a minimum be brain dead. Luckily, on the very night the doctors told her that he probably wouldn't live until morning, it passed and he lived without any lasting effects.

It's scary stuff. Unless your own immune system can fight it off, there's absolutely nothing they can do for you. I think I probably freak out the 'zoids when I warn folks about hanta virus but none of them have ever called me to bitch about it (Not that it would get them any sympathy). It's the kind of warning about safety that we're in a unique position to know about and appreciate and clients won't learn about it almost anywhere else.

That's more than you asked for but maybe you can use it. Check with your local department of agriculture to see if it's shown up in your area yet.



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All right, all right... Sheesh, everyone's a comedian. [:-slaphap

I am licensed in NE and do pest control on the side of my day job, and I've had a handfull of mouse calls lately. (Typical with the winter months.) Mice aren't too hard to wipe out, but (like home inspectors) I don't talk to a lot of other exterminators, because I rarely run into them.

I was kicking around the idea of a black light because they can be had for about

$20.00. They're not mandatory, but are perhaps a usefull tool for developing a trap strategy. The jury's still out.

Glad you sprung for a pest control forum! I'd be happy to contribute more than I take (for a change). It's a rather involved exam to learn how to transport, mix, apply, and dispose of pesticides in accordance with the EPA's regulations. Not to mention the Homeland Security background check before you get your license to buy.

(Guess that rules you out, Brian. Ba-da-Bum!) [:-paperba

*thread drift* I treated a house 3 weeks ago for BEDBUGS, of all the damned things. That was a first for me.

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