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EIFS Window header Flashing Detail

Mike Lamb

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I am looking at the EIMA details for EIFS window header flashing details and the flashing is supposed to be caulked between the flashing and EIFS. Or am I seeing this wrong? How does the water that gets behind the EIFS drain outward above the flashing?

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The diagram looks like it is for the first generation EIFS or barrier type system. The idea of the header flashing was to make sure that the water did not get behind the window, not to direct water out of the system like through wall flashing, etc?

With the second generation or drainable systems the moisture barrier or stucco wrap would be over the top of that flashing detail so that any water that would drain onto the flashing. In other words it would not be sealed like your diagram..

Clear as mud?? :-)

The flashing details in the photos actually look pretty good as do the sealant around the window.

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Yes, the diagram looks like it's for barrier. Which might not mean anything for lots of reasons.

When I was interested and involved in figuring out EIFS details, I was surprised (at the time) that no one doing the work had any sense or understanding of anything we all talk about. It's a wasteland of ignorance.

Subsequent investigations often revealed conditions that were the exact opposite of everything the installers and repair people told me.

These things, combined with my increasing distaste for informing people they have the construction equivalent of Stage 4 cancer, made me retreat from EIFS analysis.

Good luck. Luck plays a big part in figuring out Chicago EIFS debacles.

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I am pretty sure I have seen EIFS with an un-caulked header flashing. This is another specification that shows otherwise.

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That's a diagram for a barrier system also? EIMA has taken their diagrams down but this site has some fairly good ones. They cover drainage system EIFS. http://www.wallsystemdesign.org/content ... tails-eifs

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