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Lender required inspections?


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Anyone been seeing an increase or even their first lender required inspections? In the past two months I have had 4 (I think) inspections that the lender called for. Thats a first for me, just curious if anyone else was seeing this?

I am an appraiser too and I have for years done abreviated inspection for USDA and HUD. But never had a lender require one. Well, except on a couple of Reverse Mortgages which I can understand.

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We have been doing 20-30 per year for around three years now, in Mid-Mich. They seem to be split amoung three national lenders and we explain the inspection is for the borrower and lender will have to get any info from borrower, not us. Usually the lender "strongly suggests" every inspection known to man-kind and wants to pay at close of escrow. No particular problems with this.

Nearly every re-finance has been requiring a WDI and of course they have dried up in Mich.

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