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Plastic corrugated tubing as tail piece of bathtub


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Hello guys, First post to TIJ

I got a question on if attached plastic corrugated tubing in compliance with Code such as IPC, UPC.

From my understanding, such corrugated design will accumulate dirt and will be clogged in long term. So I am thinking it was in conflict with UPC 310.5

I also see some copper corrugated tubing in the market.

would like to see others opinion on such corrugated tubing.

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Another thought:

Are you sure that those aren't smooth on the inside? I've seen some drain tubing that was corrugated on the outside and smooth on the inside.

Good thought, but I'm not taking it apart to find out if the "installed product" has an interior smooth wall.

I continue to go with it's OK for "temporary, emergency" use ... Not a permanent installation.

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Thank you Jim,

It seems you are reference 701.3.3 and I agree that section is better fit for it, especially for the interior waterway.

I review the product, the inside is same as outside corrugated.

The other problem is such tubing is flexible and may not be able to achieve the slop in 701.3.3

I agree that it's a problem. Your code reference is odd though. Perhaps you meant 701.2.3:

Fittings used for drainage shall be of the

drainage type, have a smooth interior waterway,

and be constructed so as to allow one

fourth (1/4) inch per foot (20.9 mm/m) grade.

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