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logo...ok it's there now

Chad Fabry

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Hey Chad, that looks great.

There is even room in the box under your name to elaborate on the question mark. Like "do you know what is wrong" or something like that.

Now plaster that logo all over your area. Put it on your truck, your wifes car, yard signs, newspaper ads, billboards and your dog. Put it in the yellow pages (if you use them) and on your brochures and cards.

Good luck and hang in there.


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That's not bad at all. The tag line / slogan is a good idea. Mine is "Because You Need to Know".

How about "Because You Need Answers". I think a lot of potential clients might identify with that. It also answers one of their main questions, "Why should I get an inspection?".

Say, where's that new moderator that's supposed to be hanging around here? What-his-name...uh..oh yeah, Scott Warganator. [:D]

Brian G.

The Sloganator [^]

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I first came to TIJ hoping to be educated in home inspection. I've been in business a long time and "knew" how to go about the business end of things. What I learned was, that as a group, home inspectors are extremely funny and bright. More importantly, they're almost without exception, professionals.

The input and insight I get from you folks is important and valuable. Thanks all for your time.

Richard ...that's just amazing... I'll put it on my website (I'll pay someone to put it on my website)

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