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Leaky CMU and Interior Drain System

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Permaseal and others offer this option for leaky block basements. I have seen bad attempts at this and the method seems ridiculous. Thoughts?

From Permaseal: The good news is we have a permanent solution for these types of walls. It will require a new Interior Drain Tile System and a proper sump pump arrangement to handle the amount of water we need to control. A wall treatment will also need to be installed so that any continued seepage or moisture is channeled directly into the floor drainage system.

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https://www.permaseal.net/services/base ... tions.html

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Seen them, don't like them, they do make the interior dry, albeit at the expense of washing out the foundation. No one seems to want to do it the right way, which is DP on the exterior. The idea seems to be catching on in Chicago....where we like to do things backward.

If they're on an old stone foundation, one gains the benefit of not having to watch while it completely destroys the foundation.

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I understand the interior drain which will keep water from running on the floor. Its the plastic over the wall I don't get. All it does is hide the water and condensation running down the inside of the foundation. I could not see putting a finished wall over this stuff.

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I've got a couple clients that went with the system and put finished walls over it. It can "work", I guess, but if the detailing isn't excellent in the extreme, then that water can be directed places we can't see it.

Exterior systems are cost prohibitive, true. No one seems to care anymore about what happens in 40 years, but I have a nagging reticence about using these systems because I happen to care about what happens in 40 years. Maybe I should stop caring. Problem solved.

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