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14-3 wire...three breakers


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Good evening brain trust! Been a while since I posted a question here.

In the aux electrical panel I observed a 14/3 wire where the black and red wires were connected to adjacent 15 amp breakers and the white wire was wrapped in black tape and connected to the adjacent 20 amp breaker. The house is about one year occupied and somewhere between three and four years old (from date of initial construction). Unfortunately, there was no labeling for this panel, beyond the one piece of cardboard for the elec floor heating wires (that go) to the two lower breakers.


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My guess is that the (2) black & red pairs in the photo are multi-wires.

The black & white pair (with the white wire taped black) is a 240 volt circuit.

All three pairs are wrong because the handles on the breaker pairs are supposed to be tied together. Could be plenty more wrong with it but the photo is all I have.


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Thanks Marc,

There's no doubt that there is other stuff going on. The first electrician ran a 14/3 to the garbage disposal - the second electrician secured both the red and black conductors to a single breaker.

I have to go back and double check. I suspect that you are right about the black and white (taped) being one circuit. There was no room to stand directly in front of the panel so I tried to do indirect observation via camera as well. I took a few shots but can't trace the wires though I was pretty sure about the 14/3 arrangement.

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