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Boldt Castle

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I was vaguely aware that there was something like that up there, then stumbled on it when I was looking at some stuff about the Great Lakes Basin. I think I gotta check it out. Interesting story, sad, but interesting.

The boathouse looks amazing. Are there any boats in it...(I hope)?

I used to do boat shows up east of there with the canoe and Whitehall, but it's been about 30 years since I've made it up there.

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The boathouse has several SLR skiffs, a steam launch, an unusually sterned pick nick, a racer, and a totally awesome 1948 Hacker that is registered, some poor sap gets paid to drive it.

The museum has a runabout building with two boats you can board and explore, the Elco with fore and aft staterooms was pretty cool. There is also a small craft building, a repair shop, and a hydroplane building. There are several craft in the water, skiffs to paddle if the water isn't too rough, and Boldt's houseboat La Duchesne.

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