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letter to realtor


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Just write it up yourself? It should be a short with a few sentences. Ask for them to refer you to their clients. Add a few business cards and end with Thank you and I look forward to serving your clients.

Short, simple and to the point?

Keep in mind that it will most likely go in the trash so what you are wanting is for them to see your name and company name so when they see it again they will recall seeing it before.

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Sales is largely about making a good first personal impression. I toss mail advertising in the trash...I don't even look at it.

Years ago, I would call and talk to anyone that would listen. Realtors, insurance offices, banks, I even dragged a few referrals out of the local lumberyard.

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I agree with Scott, write one up and be honest. Think hard about a unique subject line to catch their eye, and have a clear, concise statement about what your unique value is.

It's a rule of marketing - make several positive interactions or impressions, and they just might remember you when it comes time to recommend an inspector.

Earlier this year, I used a new inspector because he had a professional and clean MailChimp email that somehow caught my eye.

I tried another after he followed me on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Seeing you in more places shows you're not a fly by night inspector!

Good luck!

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