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Sloppy slabwork

Jim Baird

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Entire perimeter of house/garage showed concrete spillage from original pour, apparently having exuded under edge forms. It not only negates positive slope at its beginning, it looks unsightly.

Where the building sewer exits there is a deep cavity under the edge that looks due to simple fill settlement.

I think the only way to assess the length and depth of the cavity is to expose it by digging, but is it feasible to try breaking off the overspill all around?

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I was careful to suggest cutting away the sloppy. Because this subdivision was built at the edge of the big building collapse I was told many houses stood empty for most of a year. The cavity at the drain exit might even be an abandoned armadillo hole. They have been moving into our area for a number of years.

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Backfill is not an option if the 6 in clearance from grade to siding is met. On other sides of the building backfill was added that reduced that clearance to about 4 in., but the concrete "shelf" remains. All the builder had to do was make his form a little taller/deeper. It is the worst looking slab pour I have ever seen as far as those edges go.

A better solution might be to backfill up to the level of the 'shelf'. There'll still be enough foundation exposed.


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Love the sense of humor, Steve.

The length of concrete spill pictured actually turns UP and out from the edge of the building. I think the buyer wants it remedied. Could be a deal killer or qualify for a compensatory discount.

If it were my house and I had built it, I would be ashamed.

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